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Remote Proctoring

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Remote Online Proctored Exam

丝袜美女诱惑ASHRAE Remote Online Proctored examination is a safe, secure and convenient way to schedule and sit for your certification exam. Earn a valuable ASHRAE certification from the convenience of your home or office!

丝袜美女诱惑Watch this brief video on a safe, secure and convenient ASHRAE Remote Online Proctored examination experience.

Remote Online Proctored Exam

This video shows candidates what to expect during a remote proctored testing session.

System Compatibility

ASHRAE remote online proctored exams require a desktop or laptop, a stable internet connection, Google Chrome browser, a working webcam, and microphone.

  • Check system compatibility here:

Candidates will need to be able to install PSI’s Secure Browser on their computer to take the test, which may require permissions to install software.  Therefore, candidates may wish to use their home computer, if their employer has strict controls on work computers.

丝袜美女诱惑Note: non-invasive remote access ensures proctors do not have access to a candidate’s personal computer.

See System Compatibility FAQs.

Exam Scheduling

丝袜美女诱惑Once your certification application has been approved (3-5 business days), you will receive a confirmation email from ASHRAE with instructions on how to schedule both a Remote Online Proctored exam and an exam at a PSI Testing Center.  You may choose the exam delivery format you prefer.

See Exam Cancellation and Rescheduling FAQs

Identification Verification

When checking in to their Remote Online Proctored exam, ASHRAE candidates will need to present a valid government-issued (either state, province or federal) identification card with current photograph and signature.
Note: an admission photo will be taken prior to the session

丝袜美女诱惑The name on the identification presented must match the name on your certification exam registration.

丝袜美女诱惑Acceptable forms of identification include: Driver's License, Identity card (non-driver license), Passport, Passport card, Green Card, Alien registration, Permanent resident card, or National identification card.

Military IDs are not accepted.

Starting Your Exam

Step 1: Login
Create a PSI account if you do not already have one.  Login to your PSI account.  On the “My Certifications” click the “Schedule” button.  This will take you automatically to the PSI exam scheduling page.

Step 2: Before You Launch Your Exam
丝袜美女诱惑 Review the information on the PSI page including Security Procedures, Required Identification Documents and Exam Instructions and other information on the page to ensure you are set up for success to launch your exam.

Step 3: Click the “Launch Exam” Button.
Check in no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your examination start time, following the instructions on the screen. The proctor will then join the session.

Testing Environment

An intuitive user interface and live chat assure a seamless and supported experience.

Ensure that you completely clear your desk or table of any materials, including all other electronic devices, and remove any notes or written materials from the walls of the room. Erase your whiteboard and take down any notes from the wall or monitor.

The wall behind you and opposite the monitor must be bare, empty of pictures, bookshelves or uncovered windows. A piece of furniture with closed drawers is permissible, but there may be no shelves or items on top of the piece of furniture. A window with curtains, shades or blinds pulled closed would be allowable, and it would be permissible to put a plain sheet over bookshelves so as to cover them up.

While all general ASHRAE examination rules apply during a Remote Online Proctored exam, additional rules are in place to ensure a secure examination, including the following:

  • One (1) break up to five minutes long is allowed.  The proctor must be notified and the testing time clock will continue to run.  Upon return from the break, the candidate will be checked back into the exam.
  • Candidates may not use real paper as scratch paper.  Instead, they may use a handheld, dry erase lapboard and marker, which must be erased at the conclusion of the exam.

See Testing Environment FAQs.

Exam Security

The evidence shows that online proctoring can be as secure as physical test centers, and the quality
丝袜美女诱惑 of the exam remains the same.

丝袜美女诱惑With and ASHRAE Remote Online Proctored exam, security is assured in the following ways:

  • Live check-in
  • Identity authentication measures, including biometric methods such as, facial recognition, digital identification scanning and writing sample comparison
  • Environment scanning of the test taker's environment
  • Lock-down browser - preventing candidates from using their computers to cheat
  • Experienced proctors monitor audio and video, pause tests, revoke access, or end the test at any time if they witness potential misconduct (e.g. using a cell phone, unusual eye movements, removing oneself from the field of vision)

See Exam Security FAQs

After Your Exam

丝袜美女诱惑At the conclusion of their exam, candidates will be able to view their Pass or Fail result on their screen. 

Within four weeks of their exam, candidates also will receive email notification from PSI Services that an unofficial Score Report is available for download.

Successful results are posted to the ASHRAE website by the 15th of the month following a candidate’s examination, by which time successful candidates also will be invited to download their ASHRAE certification digital badge

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